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Google is one of the largest internet companies around the globe. They started of as a search engine, and that is still their core business.
But Google has also given us a wide range of specialized search tools as Google images, Google Books, Google News and Google Products. And brand new tools like Google Translate, Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Blog Search, Google Scholar, Google Buzz, and above all Gmail and their new web browser Google Chrome. Google has diverted in all sorts of great online tools.
One area where Google was lacking behind was social media. Social Media companies like Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Linkedin have leaped forward the last few years. Yes, Google Talk and Gmail have social media elements, but the Google circle was not round yet.
Google Plus or Google+
But All of that has changed now. Google is running Google Plus in a beta version and the system is operational and will have its biggest roll-out shortly. Google is jumping with Google Plus on the Social media band wagon, and it was about time.
What Is Google+
Google Plus is a social media platform which Google soon will present to its world wide audience. Google+ is a combination of some new and older google tools all molded into one bigger platform which now starts to connect these separate Google tools. Google Circles connects friends and allows users to bring people into a new circle. One person would most like have more circles, one for work contacts, one for friends, another one for family and one for sports club members. One contact can be in more than one circle.
Google Sparks is a content finder. It helps you to find content on the internet that sparks your interest. The program collects and drops it at your ,ailbox. It is different from an RSS feed.
Google Hangouts enables the users to have video chats with their circles or one person in the circle. Google Huddles allows to send messages to larger groups of people. It is a bit like the Facebook wall, but then a bit more discrete.
Google +1 button
Anyone who is familiar with Facebook – and there are only 750.000 million of us – knows the “like” button in Facebook. Any thing you see or do in Facebook has the option for a “like”. Once the “like” button is clicked all your friends are notified about your “like” and directly get a link to the item you have liked. This is an extremely powerful tool.
Google now has a similar button which they call “+1”, and it stand for “one more” who likes this item. Just with this button alone Google will generate tons of traffic for its Google Plus project.
Google+ could become the next big thing. At Google they have looked well at what was happening around them in social media land, and are now ready to launch their own programs.
Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are deeply penetrated in the social media market.Google Plus is ready to be a serious social media platform, and soon we will see more of it.
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